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V8-ENGINE Paper Model



It has semi-realistic exterior and interior detail. It is made entirely from paper (except a motor, a battery holder, a few plastic tubes and electrical wires). No paint applied. It looks pure and elegant. Various shadows created by different light sources make it look stunning. Many moveable parts include a compound crankshaft, a rapid cooling fan, 8 rods, 8 pistons and a complex compound gearbox etc. It is handcrafted with ruler, white glue and X-acto knife.  The origami-reinforced structures are applied inside the engine. They make the model very rigid and keep the pieces in the accurate positions.
Total pieces of paper (parts) to make with: 5756 pieces
Speed of Crankshaft: Approx. 3.4rpm
Max. Dimensions (with Plexiglas cover on): 395mmx295mmx405mm (w\d\h)
Dimensions of “V8-Engine": 320mmx238mmx200mm (w\d\h)  
Power source: 2x1.5V “D” Batteries
Net Weight: Approx. 2.98kg
Masterpiece Price: 8,500 CAD

DIY kit is not available temporary 


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